Who is involved?

Valley Venture Mentors (VVM), a nonprofit recognized by the White House for their efforts in diversifying capitol to startups, in partnership with MassDevelopment, the Western Massachusetts chapter of the National Tooling & Machining Association, The EDC of Western MA, and the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, has launched the nation’s first manufacturing accelerator.  

We are not accepting applications at this time. 

What the heck is a manufacturing accelerator anyway?

The Massachusetts Manufacturing Accelerator brings Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) manufacturers back to the startup mindset to discover new ways they can do business. Through the accelerator’s intensive training program, SME manufacturers will quickly learn the needs of their potential buyers, how to rapidly validate their ability to deliver on those needs, and how to effectively communicate their capabilities. Buyers and SME manufacturers will interact at key points during the training to keep everyone on the same page and to grow relationships.

Why is VVM doing this? 

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed.  We began with startups and are proud to be one of the largest startup accelerators in the country.  The leaders of our region's advanced manufacturing firms are every bit as much entrepreneurs as the leaders of our startups.  We are thrilled, and honored, at the opportunity to work with you.    

What our (startup) alumni think of us:

“Before VVM, I wasn't even thinking about raising money. By the end I was putting together a round at a valuation far more impressive than I could have anticipated.”

“The overall impact the VVM had on our team, milestones, education, knowledge and future planning was more than any dollar sign could give.”

“We went from 0 retailers on day one of VVM to over 50.”

“I would have raised at a valuation 1/4 of what we ended up getting. VVM said YOU CAN DO IT, and we did.”

“I'd encourage any entrepreneur to invest their time in this program. The ROI with regards to personal and business growth is almost immediate (week 1).”

“Unbelievable. Changed the course of our company. But even more... this changed the way that I will continue to start and grow businesses for the rest of my life. VVM introduced me to a whole new world.”

“I can't even begin to explain the networking this program did for us.”

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